The field of global public health is broad, and by necessity, the Center will also have a broad focus to serve as the home of Global Public Health at NYU Shanghai. The following are key areas of our work.

Implementation Science

Foci: The design, adaptation, and rigorous evaluation of digital, scalable, and community-based interventions to reduce the population burden of non-communicable diseases, mental health, and infectious disease, and their comorbidities, among the general population, and among those most disadvantaged and marginalized in China and the region. Implementation science approaches will be employed to ensure maintenance and long-term impact of intervention programs.

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Migration and Occupational Health

Foci: Research that specifically aims to improve the health of diverse migrant populations (e.g., rural to urban) in China and the region, including international and humanitarian migrant populations.

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Global Mental Health

Foci: Address the substantial comorbidity between non-communicable and infectious diseases and mental health, develop culturally appropriate concepts and interventions, epidemiological studies on the population burden of mental disorders and addiction, and inform the development of mental health policy in China and the region.

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Urban and Environmental Health

Foci: With more than 50% of the world's population living in urban areas, our research agenda is to estimate the effects of the built environment and living and working conditions on the health of populations. A broader focus of our work is to understand the connections between environment and health, and how issues including global warming, pollution, and toxicant exposure undermine the public’s health. Our work will inform the development of localized and policy-level interventions to improve urban health in China and the region.

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Trauma and adversity

Foci: Through the conduct of culturally informed research, we will quantify and intervene on the health consequences of exposure to potentially traumatic events across the life course. This will include studies of exposure to disasters, child maltreatment, intimate partner violence, and other forms of gender-based violence.

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