Migration and Occupational Health

Migration and Occupational Health

Research that specifically aims to improve the health of diverse migrant populations (e.g., rural to urban) in China and the region, including international and humanitarian migrant populations.


Multilingualism in providing quality mental health care to migrants –needs, resources and practices.

We have formed an international Interdisciplinary Research Consortium including researchers in 5 countries (Germany - Universität Hamburg; Romania - Babes-Bolyai University; Netherlands - Utrecht University & University of Amsterdam; South Africa - Stellenbosch University; and China – NYU Shanghai and the Center for Global Health Equity) to conduct a four year project to assess barriers to accessing (mental) healthcare across the world – with an aim to develop digital technological solutions to improve access to care.

This project is supported through generous funding (1.305 million Euros) from the joint funding initiative of La Caixa Foundation (Spain), Novo Nordisk Fonden (Denmark), Wellcome (United Kingdom) and Volkswagen Foundation (Germany): Mobility – Global Medicine and Health Research - Joint call – 2020.


The Population Research Initiative for Domestic Employees (PRIDE) study is the largest, most comprehensive mixed-methods data collection effort to document the health and wellbeing of migrant domestic workers. The study enrolled 1,388 Filipino and 367 Indonesian domestic workers, representing 10% of the overall target population living in the Macao (SAR), China at the time of the study.

The data was obtained included common mental disorders, addiction, sexual health, physical health, egocentric social networks, social capital, family composition, remittances and other socioeconomic variables. Anthropometric data collection on cardiometabolic risk factors including BMI, body fat, blood pressure, and waist circumference, and rapid HIV/syphilis testing was also conducted. Spatial data was obtained on household residence location. Various exposures utilizing the social determinants of health framework, were measured to explore potential modifiable exposures that could promote health in the population.

The priorities for this effort were co-created through collaboration with community based NGOs, and Filipino and Indonesian domestic workers, who additionally assisted in the process of validating all of the measures used in this study, through rigorous translation process that involved cognitive interviewing.

Our research team continues to disseminate findings from this study and opportunities for collaboration are available.

Center collaborators are in bold; student/trainee co-authors are indicated with an*

Qualitative studies

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Instrument Validation studies

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Dynamic symptom network analytic studies

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Obesity outcomes

Hall, B. J., *Huang, L., *Yi, G., Latkin, C. (2021). Fast Food Restaurant Density and Weight Status: A Spatial Analysis among Female Filipino Migrant Workers in Macao, (SAR), People’s Republic of China. Social Science and Medicine, 269, 113192. doi.org/10.1016/j.socscimed.2020.113192

Sexual and reproductive health

*Yi, G., Liu, L., Manio, M., Latkin, C., & Hall, B. J. (2020). The influence of housing on sexual and reproductive health status and service utilization among Filipina migrant domestic workers in Macao (SAR), China. Journal of Migration and Health, 1, 100007. doi: 10.1016/j.jmh.2020.100007

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Behavioral addiction

*Yi, G., *Huang, L., Lam, A.I.F, Latkin, C., & Hall, B. J. (2019). Spatial and Sociodemographic Correlates of Gambling Participation and Pathological Problem Gambling Among Filipino Migrant Workers in Macao (SAR), People’s Republic of China. Addictive Behaviors, 97, 49-55. doi: doi.org/10.1016/j.addbeh.2019.05.021

Mental health outcomes

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Chinese internal migrants

Our team has led and collaborated on projects related to the health and wellbeing of internal Chinese migrants. These projects have explored the sexual and reproductive health and mental health and wellbeing of Chinese migrants – across the life course.

Chen, F., Zheng, M., Xu, J., Hall, B. J., Pan, Y., Ling, L., & Chen, W. (in press). Impact of migration status on incidence of depression in middle-aged and elderly population in China: exploring healthy migrant and salmon bias hypotheses from mental health perspective. Journal of Affective Disorders.

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Sub-Saharan African migrants in China

Our team has led and collaborated on a number of studies related to the health and welfare of Sub-Saharan African migrants living, studying, and working in China. These projects have explored health services access, the distribution and burden of disease (sexual, physical, mental) in the population, and explored possible interventions to address these key issues.

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Migrant health during COVID-19

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Refugees, and other migrant populations globally

We have worked on projects directly supporting refugees in humanitarian contexts and other work focused on refugee settlement in high-income countries.

The Philippines

Dominguez, G. B., & Hall, B. J. (in press). The health status and related interventions for children left behind due to parental migration in the Philippines: A scoping review. Lancet Regional Health – Western Pacific.

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